The goal of this project was to use design to magnify  Scraper Bikes'  presence in the community. The Central component of this project was to create an experience for this subculture and design a system to promote the event and educate the audience about this small but powerful organization.   
 As part of the branding initiative, we created a contest for kids called  Scraper Bike-Off . The goal was to encourage leadership and teamwork and also allow the community to learn about  Scraper Bikes . These flyers with details about the contest were handed out to kids in the community.   
 The brochure was handed out to parents in the community to teach them about the organization and how to get involved.    
 For the guerrilla campaign we painted giant scraper bike wheels on abandoned buildings.   
 Posters will be placed all around Oakland, in bus stops, BART stations, and schools.   
 The website shows past events, promotional videos, and how to donate bike parts.      
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