My identity is a combination of my energy and my thirst for human connection. This called for the branding to be bold, energetic, and interactive.   
 These are shipped out to prospect  employers. In order to create excitement in opening the envelope, I spray painted a gradient overlay.    
 Inside the envelope is a book, that reflects my mission statement with prompts that directs them outside to interactive with strangers. The prompts are a reflection of how I search for my inspiration.    
 The juxtaposition between something tactile and imperfect with clean vector images. The spray paint creates texture on the resume, while the vector image produces a clean and bold business card.    
 I wanted to give something useful as my leave behind. I screen printed these pocket notebooks and then spray painted over them, creating an embossed and textured look.   
 The final deliverable is this stenciled thank you letter, with a personal note, that is also mailed out.    
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